This is a large group, as I wanted to get all of the photos which include more than one person into one place. I hope they bring you some happy memories, as they have for me.

Benny and Friends--87KB

Benny and Kathy--93KB

Benny and Mom--85KB

Benny, Richard, and Gloria (stairsteps)--48KB

Bigelows and Beavers at Crater Lake(must be about 1990?)--90KB

Bigelows and Beavers at Lava Lands--107KB

Bigelows at Mouth of Lava Caves--97KB

Britny and Grandma on backporch, Bend--1105KB

Cathy and Dad Playing Cards--105KB

Cathy and Mom at the Greenwood Cemetery visitng the family graves. 35KB

Cathy and Olivia in polka-dot dresses--66KB

Cathy, Craig, and Tammy at our family reunion in 1974(?)--102KB

David and Cathy Getting Dressed for the Day's Chores--62KB

David and Cathy Playing Cowboy--60KB

David, Larry, Cathy, Olivia, Airbase Home, abt 1951--89KB

David with His Great-grandpa Ed Long--45KB

David and Larry in a Fierce Battle with Their Swords--70KB

David with His Uncle Eddie, abt 1944--72KB

Diane with Gloria Dressed in Someone's Panties; also Shows House--79KB

Diane with Gloria Draped in Panties; Close-up--58KB

Jeanne and her Aunt Clara (Iss) on Black Butte Trail--140KB

Jeanne and Sister, Marilee, Visiting, Blanco, Texas--74KB

Jeanne and Marilee; Sisters Poking Fun--46KB

Jeanne, Marilee, and Richard Enjoying a Get-Together--99KB

Jeanne and Marilee Visiting on Iss's Porch--77KB

Jeanne and Brother_in_Law, Roy Wood at His Home in Blanco, Texas--100KB

Jeanne, Roy, and Marilee, Bend--101KB

Jeane and Richard Spelunking, entrance of Lavacicle Cave--124KB

Family: Eric and Jeanne at Tumalo Falls--121KB

Family: Cathy, Diane, Olivia, Mom and Benny Out Hiking and Exploring--198KB

Family: Benny, Sissy, Cathy, Mom and Diane on the rocks--182KB

Gloria, One of the Barnetts, and Diane Chatting on a Warm Summer's Night--122KB

Gloria and Eric, Self_Portrait--72KB

Gloria and Eric at Tumalo Falls--60

Gloria and Eric's wedding reception in Idaho--67KB

Gloria and Mom at Tumalo Falls--60KB

Harry, David, and Larry at Cline Falls Park, abt 1946--54KB

Harry David, and Larry at Cline Falls Park, about 19KB

Harry and David with our Pontiac--46KB

Harry and Jeanne Dining, abt 1946--54KB

Harry and Jeanne Sala Family Portrait, 19KB

Haley Cousins on Motorcycle with Harry--145KB

Herman Hansen--30KB

Three Generations: Herman Hansen, Marilee Wolff and Her Daughter, Karran Bowlsby--175KB

Larry, Cathy, and Olivia, airbase building--60KB

Another picture of Larry, Cathy, and Olivia at the airbase--65KB

Larry, Cathy, and Olivia in the Front Yard of Our House at the Airbase--75KB

Larry, Cathy, Olivia in Our Front Yard with Someone's Cat--55KB

Larry and David with Pups They Borrowed from the Neighbors--71KB

Larry and "Big-League Deeds"--71KB

Larry on His Ducati Motorcycle; Mom, Dad, and Cathy Looking On--133KB

Larry held by Mom, Cline Falls, #1--68KB

Larry and Mom, Cline Falls, #2--48KB

Larry and Mom, Cline Falls, #3--64KB

Larry coaching Mom at the computer--82KB

Larry (inside the bag) and Mom at the computer--72KB

Larry, Olivia, and Cathy on the Front Steps of Our House at the Airbase--77KB

Marilee and Jeanne at Marilee and Roy's Home in Blanco, Texas

Marilee and Husband, Fred Wolff--111KB

Marilee at their home in Gatesville, Texas--69KB

4_generations:Marilee, Karran (daughter), Channel (granddaughter), Devon (great_grandson)101KB

Marilee, Karran, a friend, Jeanne, Channel, and Devon, Blanco, Texas--91KB

Marilee (Hansen) Bowlsby--53KB

Marilee and Roy at Hell's Canyon--100KB

Olivia, Cathy, David, Larry in Home at the Airbase--77KB

Olivia and Cathy Emptying Their Beans--116KB

Sissy, Cathy, Larry Sitting on the Lawn, Airbase--75KB

Olivia, Larry, and Cathy as Cowboys--78KB

Olivia Sitting on the Front Steps of Airbase Home. Note the Bottle.--80KB

Sissy. Minus a few teeth--52KB

Family Reunion in Back Yard: L-R, Lois, Loreley, Troy, Jeanne, Benny, Clara (Iss), Vincente (Loreley's grandson), and Eddie--101KB

Richard and Gloria "playing" baseball--122KB

Richard and Gloria in the rocker,#1--155KB

Richard and Gloria in the Rocker, #2--160KB

Richard and Gloria in the Rocker, #3--190KB

Richard with His Iris--148KB

Richard's place in Idaho--152KB

Richard and Jeanne at Sala Home in Redmond, Oregon--126KB

Richard Paul Hansen--KB

Robin That We Raised--87KB

Robin Feeding--KB

Benny and Mom Climbing Among the Rocks Somewhere--102KB

David, Larry, Sissy, and Cathy at the airbase, 1949--76KB

Diane and Gloria Playing "Horsie"--64KB

Sala Family, L-R, Front: Larry, Cathy, Olivia; L-R, Back: David, Jeanne, Harry, and Diane--63KB

Sala Family, L-R: Larry, David, Cathy, Olivia, Jeanne, Diane, Harry, about 1956--79KB

Sala Family on Mirror Pond, Bend, Oregon; L-R,front: David and Larry; L-R,back: Jeanne Holding Cathy and Harry Holding Olivia--46KB

Sala Family Picnic at Scout Lake; L-R: Jeanne, Diane, Olivia, Cathy--59KB

--Sala Family Picnic at Scout Lake; L-R: Gloria, Richard, Benny, Cathy, Olivia, Diane--60KB

Sala Family Picnic at Scout Lake; L-R:Olivia, Jeanne, Diane, Benny, Richard, Gloria, Cathy--62KB

Sala Family with Mercury, ca 1956--70KB

Family picnic, Salas, Jeanne, Cathy, Gloria, Olivia--64KB

Picnic with Kimballs at Mirror Pond; L-R, front: David and Jimmie Kimball; L-R, back: Harry Holding Richard, Jeanne Holding Cathy, and Gertrude Kimball Holding Olivia--124KB

Sala Family on Lava Butte; L-R: Larry, Jeanne, Benny (front), Diane, Cathy, and Olivia--69KB

Richard Picks Up Gloria--70KB

Mom, Sissy, Cathy, Benny, and Diane on an Outing--100KB

David, Larry, Olivia, and Cathy Getting Set for a Footrace--85KB

Sissy and Benny, Cathy and Gloria, Diane and Richard, Sitting in the Yard56KB

Family at Round Butte Dam; L-R: Dad, Olivia, Gloria, Diane, Cathy, Richard and Benny in Front--46KB

Sala Family at Roundbutte Dam #2; L-R: Mom, Cathy, Olivia, Gloria,Diane, Benny, and Richard in Front--45KB

Sala Family at Roundbutte Dam #3; L-R: Mom holding Gloria, Harry, Benny, Olivia, Diane, and Richard in front (NOT A GOOD PICTURE)--45KB

Sala Kids on Swing Set; Upper: Benny, Diane, and Cathy; Lower: Olivia, Gloria, and Richard--120KB

Cathy on Front Porch with Younger Siblings, Benny, Richard, and Gloria, about 1962--99K

David, Cathy, Larry, Olivia, about 1950--131KB

Sissy "on-toe", Enter Diane--59KB

Olivia and Cathy Doing Ballet in the Yard--55KB

Olivia and Cathy Doing Ballet; Diane Wants to Join In--57KB

More Olivia and Cathy Ballet--19KB

Sissy, Cathy, and Larry Playing "Horsie", Larry Being the Horse--24KB

Olivia and Cathy with Chester and Jim Lusby--30KB

Olivia and Gloria, about 1963--48KB

Another Picture of Olivia and Gloria, about 1963--52KB

Mom Cutting Sissy's Hair When We Were Bean Picking--33KB

Sissy and Ivan Murphy Playing Two-Square on the Driveway--99KB

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