These are some old photo that have been in the Long family for as long as I can remember. They are pictures of relatives and associates of Edwin and Grace (Goumaz) Long. Some of them have been stored, carried from place to place, and protected by the family for many years. Some of the pictures are tattered and dim or dark from exposure. I am sending them without enhancements, except to try to get the best copy that I could get. Some are well captioned, and some have a "story" that was often told concerning some of them. I will include the information that I have available to me. If anyone who sees these has different or additional, documented information, I will be grateful for all input and/or suggestions.

You may copy them for your own use. You have my permission to add them to your own web page or share them with other people with the stipulation that you include the following message:

The custodian of the original pictures is Jeanne Harvey, who can be contacted by email at
beaver@bendnet.com for additional information.

To see some photos of different branches of the family, please click on the names below to go to their websites.

Sala Family Photos

Edwin and Grace Long Family Photos