Roadside Guide to the
Geology of Newberry Volcano


Second Edition



Robert A. Jensen

Newberry Volcano is centered about 35 miles east of the Cascade crest and 20 miles south of Bend, Oregon. It is among the largest Quaternary volcanoes in the conterminous United States and the largest in Oregon. Newberry has long been known to the geological community for its great diversity of rock types and wide range of volcanic landforms. Newberry is the ideal and exciting place for those who wish to see diverse volcanic features and products. This book brings together much of the available information on Newberry Volcano into one publication which will be useful to the general public, students, teachers, and geologist visiting Newberry. The book includes 19 trips covering 500 miles on and surrounding Newberry.


Table of Contents


Geology of Newberry Volcano

Prehistory and History of Newberry Volcano

Field Trips

  • Circle Newberry Volcano
  • Bend's Faults
  • Pilot Butte
  • Lava Caves
  • Lava Butte to Benham Falls
  • Lake Benham to Bend
  • Northwest Rift Zone to Paulina Creek
  • Lava Cast Forest
  • Sugarpine to North Kawak
  • Pilpil Butte to Red Hill
  • Newberry Crater and beyond
  • Paulina Peak
  • La Pine to Sand Springs
  • Surveyor to Devils Horn
  • Highway 31 to China Hat
  • Flat Top
  • Hole-in-the-Ground to Fort Rock
  • Fort Rock to Pine Mountain
  • Big Juniper


Geologic Time Line



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