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was injured in a moped accident on December 12, 1998. The purpose of this site is to help friends and family remain connected during her recovery by relaying information and inspiration about her miraculous journey.

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I believe that the reason of life is for us to simply grow in love.

Hello- warm wishes to all and here’s a little peak at what I’ve been up to-

I work out at Acrovision 1 day each week and this is a great space for my balance, agility, and coordination to be ‘put to the test’. I have been training in my movement skills for 10 yrs. now and Coach Rich is a master at keeping my re-learning and success at a productive pace. His motto is “WIN THE MOMENT” and I greatly appreciate working with him. Also, I successfully performed a 6 min. routine in their Holiday Show on 12/14/13, after 2 months of training.

I am continuing to study and learn from Bert & Cameron; meeting with them individually for an hour each week. Cameron and I are currently reading “The Five People you Meet in Heaven” by Mitch Albom. It is a piece about a man’s life, and the happenings in it after he passes. Bert is continuing to challenge me as I am learning to comprehend, edit, and write. My thanks go out to both of them for being such valuable members on Team Tudor.

Mom, bless her heart, is still taking me to pool, yoga, and on walks (or weightroom when it’s snowing) on a regular basis. We follow a schedule at JuniperSwim & FitnessCenter and are there 4 hrs. each week. A pool routine was set up for me by a Physical Therapist that I work with each summer, and these moves are giving me a stronger sense of how to bend me knees, keep my shoulders back, and to be aware of my core strength as I move….thank you Eric.

I have added something new to my busy schedule, which is visiting a counselor every other week. I see this social worker to talk to him and express my feelings without any hindrances or being afraid of anything. It is very wonderful to have the freedom to express myself completely. Another marvelous experience is working with a class of 1st graders with the same teacher I have volunteered for since 2002. Here I am surrounded by 35 happy, little souls who are being themselves, as kids do.

This date is a once in a lifetime date, and I want to take this opportunity to express the gratitude I feel in my heart. So many people have assisted me in the last 14 years to better my life, since I had the N.D.E. on 12/12/98. I feel blessed beyond measure and I continue to spread peace, happiness, and love wherever I go. I know that it is each persons' responsibility to look after their own emotions, but I can be a shining star and reflect what's possible.

Mom- She is my #1 health and wellness coach. I am eternally thankful for her devotion to help me build skills for independent living.

Dr. Stewart- He is my Physiatrist that I see every 6 months, and he is keeping a detailed account of my continued progress and challenges. He is proud of me, very encouraging, and always leaves me with an upbeat feeling about myself and my progress. For one of my earlier visits there in May '99, I told him a joke that I had written down on a little piece of paper, so every time I see him I look for a joke to bring and share with him. Even though he may have already heard it 25 times, he enjoys the fun.

Cameron- This loving woman touches my heart and impacts my life each week. She is a volunteer reader that was 'matched' with me through a friend at COCC. At the start of our time together, she was an open hearted person that would come over to my house, come inside, and sit at my table to visit with me and ask me interesting questions about my life. This was a brand new experience for me; that another person, who was a stranger to me at the start, valued my thoughts and ideas. Over the years, we have become good friends, read many inspiring young-adult novels, shared our thoughts and feelings with each other, and truly enjoyed each other’s company.

Rich-This man has been my ever-cheerful, always excited, and totally thrilled about my physical developments Coach. I have been taking weekly, personal lessons from him at his gym, Acrovision Sports Center since 2003. I was still using a 3-wheeled walker to get around when I started there, and although I don't remember much of that time, the freedom I feel now as I walk my dogs, ride my 3- wheeler bike, and move about is exhilarating. I feel so grateful and blessed to have Coach Rich guiding and leading me into more body-centered awareness!

Bert- This caring, wholehearted man has been my tutor for learning general information and different styles of writing and editing. He makes learning fun with challenging games and puzzles. He comes to my house once a week, and leads me through an hour lesson. He is always patient with me and very understanding of my learning style and interests. I feel very fortunate to be able to learn from him in my home, working 1 on 1, and I love the fact that he regularly checks in with me to make sure I am both enjoying the work and feeling challenged by it.

Maureen- This fabulous woman teaches us 'seated yoga' at Juniper Swim and Fitness Center. Mom and I have attended the class since it began many years ago. The class is designed for people with limited mobility and those needing extra support while doing yoga. Rather than getting down on the ground we can stay seated in our chairs. She is always sensitive to the various abilities and needs that people bring to her class. She stretches our body/mind connection to that wonderful zone of OM. Maureen is as sweet as ever and always takes the time to notice and mention my improvements in movement and balance.

Mrs. Gross- This sensational First Grade teacher asked me to be a T.A. in her classroom. I love being in her classroom 2 hours a week for spelling and math. She is extremely calm, patient, and loving to all of the dear kids in her class.
She always makes a written list of activities for me to follow as I work with 1 or 2 students at a time.
It's a pleasure to be around her tender and authentic nature.

Eric- This man is a P.T. at St. Charles, and I see him each Summer for a 'tune up' with my balance and coordination. He gives me a computerized test at the beginning of each year and adds it to the compiled information about my recovery. At the end of my sessions he gives me homework that challenges me and pushes me to the next level of physical excellence. I really enjoy his gentle approach to push me and make my recovery my responsibility.

Richard- This kindhearted man leads personal growth workshops throughout the year, and I have been attending these weekend gatherings for over a decade. We make 'treasure maps' and inspire each other to attain our goals in life. He is understanding of my needs and puts me in the spotlight for sharing my wisdom with the group. It is wonderful to be so validated.

JSFC- Mom and I go to Juniper Swim & Fitness Center 4 days a week, and I am so grateful for a beautiful, well-maintained facility. We use the warm, indoor pool twice a week following a PT regime for increased mobility on land. We do a weight room workout 1 morning a week where I walk on a treadmill overlooking the park, and I also ride a stationary bike, and do other muscle strengthening activities. And of course, seated yoga on the 4th morning. We are very fortunate to live in a community that values health and fitness.


Have a most interesting 12-12-12 experience.

Intentional Living
Here is a copy of my 'INSPIRATIONAL TALK' that I was asked to give at "A Spiritual Gathering" (a group that meets monthly). I felt touched that a request was made.

Intentional Living
Tudor Gilmour
January 10, 2012

Hello, thank you all for coming! I looked up the definition of "intend" and found this meaning:"have in mind as a purpose; plan to do; aim." So, I intend to tell you about my day and how I live it.

First of all, let me say that I feel blessed and honored to have a second chance in life to share my joy. The only thing I recall from my many months in a coma, is that everything is fine. There is only LOVE! Many people have made this possible, especially my mother, Martha, who reminds daily that I am capable of healing my body.

My intention each day is to move toward the goals of independent living while staying consciously connected to the LIGHT.

So, let me tell you about a typical day in my life, (these are some of the skills I have now)….After pushing the snooze button 2-3 times, I roll out of bed between 7 and 7:30am. I brush my teeth, make my bed, start the tea water, check the weather, and start making my breakfast; a protein smoothie with about 8 ingredients, and oatmeal. Then, I feed the dogs, eat breakfast with Mom and outline the day, read several inspirational passages, use a new word in a sentence, take my food supplements of herbs and vitamins.

We go to JSFC 4 days a week. Two mornings are for water therapy, one for a modified Yoga class, another for the weight room. My PT from St.Charles organized my routines with the trainers to support my goals of: walking smoothly, improving my balance and flexibility and preparing me for running! In addition, I have a personal gymnastic coach at Acrovision Sports Center, who always keeps me at my growing edge of physical mastery.

Two other people are an important part of Team Tudor; my volunteer reader and my tutor who I see once a week. I volunteer at the school next door two mornings a week, once for the first graders, and also for the 4th graders. Every other week my Mom gives me a Reiki-Raindrop massage.

During the summer, I have 6-8 weeks of PT at St. Charles to improve my gait. We have walked about 25 5Ks so far. At first, I used my walker, next, I held on to Mom's arm, then I graduated to a baby jogger, and slowly in the spring of 2010 began walking the 5k all by myself! I have an adult 3 wheeler that I love to ride! I can go downtown, to the store, to the post office, to the bank, through the park and home again.

Attending Golden Bridge weekends has been a highlight in my recovery. Richard and Debbie have shown tremendous love and support, and have always included me in their gatherings. My intentional Treasure Maps fill my walls year after year; the images have helped me to actualize my goals. Dial-A Ride has been an enormous learning experience for me…. I am now at PEACE with their unique operations! In the evenings I watch Wheel of Fortune, play a little solitaire on my computer and turn in about 10 pm And….. that's my day! May I graciously request that you all be on "Team Tudor" and see my brain restored to full function.

Here's a quick recap of my 2010
I followed a rewarding routine that involved some of Mom’s help and some of my experience to set up; and that’s what I need- a routine or a schedule to follow.

We go to Juniper Fitness Center 4 mornings each week for an hour visit. Pool/water workouts Mondays and Fridays, Sitting Yoga class on Tuesdays, and weight-room visits on Wednesdays. I can work semi-independently in the pool and weight-room because a P.T. from St. Charles and a Juniper pool worker worked together to correlate different moves that I can do to increase my balance, coordination, agility, and time efficiency. As I’m working out there with Mom, it’s a very active public place, which gives me the opportunity to maintain my concentration and direction.

I’m still working with two different tutors: one on reading books (follow the plot and connecting with the characters), and the other on comprehension skills, editorial mastery, and I am obtaining social experience with these teachers as I’m having my learning time. Also, I am still going to Acrovision Sports Center (6 years later) for an hour each week for Physical Therapy, and here I am continuing to make significant improvements. In fact, I finally walked my 16th 5K with Mom by my side and only assisting me once down a hill, and my time was under an hour!!! (59 min. to be exact)

Once again, I am a volunteer at the elementary school next door. I go there 2 times each week for an hour and I’m working with 1st graders who are dear and precious to me. I help with math one day and writing another. I have taken a fancy to visiting Barnes and Noble on Sunday late- mornings after I watch Joel Osteen on TV and I continue to work on writing my books. One is called “A Day in the Life of Tudor” and the other is “We are One”, so those are coming- (I’ll keep you posted)!!

Greenbalm sales are stable and that provides me with the opportunity and responsible to make a receipt and shipping label. Great part time work!

I hope that 2011 brings many rewards for you and that you are content!!


September 24, 2009
Hello to all! I am doing well. Enclosed is an update on my activities and progress. I'm continuing to develop my mind, physical skills and self realization. At my recent appointment with Dr. Stewart who has followed my recovery and progress since May 1999, he noted that I am "definitely making progress". And, after a month long session this summer with a Physical Therapist, my improvements in balance and coordination were measured and evaluated and improvements in all areas were noted as well.

My ten year 'celebration of life' was on December 12th, 2008 and I had a fabulous time celebrating with Mom and many others. I created a 'virtual marathon' and invited about 25 people to walk or run a portion of the distance, then I tallied all of the distances. WE ALL WALKED MORE THAN A MARATHON, so that felt like a triumphant accomplishment. It is a well-known fact that by joining the peoples' efforts all together, great goals are more easily obtained.

I have participated in fourteen 5K walks/runs now, always with Mom by my side and pulling me along, and I have been feeling quite confident to try one on my own. On June 7th, 2009 I attempted my first 5K, walking on my own, and successfully completed it without my jogger. My time was only slightly slower than with my jogger and Mom said "my form looked smooth and steady". I have another 5K planned this month and a trip to San Francisco for my birthday on September 24th.

Recently, my half-sister Robin, introduced me to Facebook, and I liked it so much I joined. Thanks to Facebook, I have been reunited with the friends I was with in Hawaii to run my first Marathon on 12/12/98. It feels nice to exchange emails with some old friends and have some communication. We are each in different places now, ten years later, and I send them peace of mind and comfort in their hearts regarding this experience.

At Acrovision Sports I am still gaining agility skills, and benefiting from my workouts at Juniper Swim and Fitness Center where I am in the pool Monday and Friday mornings, have a sitting yoga class Tuesday mornings, and a weight room workout Wednesday mornings. My water workouts are going well and I now feel totally relaxed about being surrounded by water (as long as I have an aqua jogger around my waist). In yoga we do some coordination and agility moves in chairs and then we do some standing and balance movements.

I am continuing my work with two tutors in reading and math each week and volunteer at the nearby elementary school twice a week in a first grade classroom. I really enjoy reading with the little ones. I have started taking the Dial-A-Ride bus to a local bookstore once a week. I like the intellectual setting, the beauty of so many books, and bringing a book to read in the cafe. Lately, I have read "Be a Dog With a Bone", which I loved, “Stargirl” and the sequel “Love”, and now I’m reading “Blue Like Jazz” by Donald Miller. Reading a good book is my new favorite hobby. The biggest news for our household is our new dog, Bella. She is an adorable mini-goldendoodle. Stay tuned for news, photos and updates in my next entry.

Joel Osteen's words that I read last month remind me to keep doing my best work: "God didn't create any of us to be average. He didn't make us to barely get by. We were created to excel. The Scripture teaches that before the foundation of the world, God not only chose us, but equipped us with everything we need to live His abundant life. You have seeds of greatness inside of you, but it is up to you to believe it and act on them."

July 2008
Summer weather has finally arrived here in Bend, which gives me the opportunity to practice my "time management" skills. It warms up to a dry 85-90 degrees between 2 PM and 7 PM, so I walk my dog Lily, and do my Juniper Fitness activities in the cool mornings; either pool, weight room, or sitting yoga. In the warm afternoons I am enjoying some intellectual learning experiences indoors at home.

Mom and I train at Juniper Fitness Center four mornings a week. We are in the pool two mornings, the weight room once each week, and a sitting yoga class. In the pool I follow a workout routine prescribed by a therapist from St. Charles and the Juniper pool specialist . I feel much more confident and aware of "proper placement" walking on land now that I have had the freedom to move in the pool without the fear of falling over.

During the month of June at St. Charles Medical Center, I participated in five hour-long physical therapy sessions. While there, I worked on my speed-walk strategy, standing on an uneven surface, shifting my head and point of view and walking on uneven surfaces to develop ankle strength. My therapist set up an obstacle course with different objects to step over and step on, to challenge and develop my ability to make it in this rocky, uneven world.

On May 3rd, Mom and I walked in our 11th 5K race, the "Salmon Run". I completed it in less than an hour, which was my goal and my fastest time ever, 58 minutes. Altogether, it felt exciting to complete this walk with hundreds of other participants and fabulous to enjoy a beautiful spring morning in Central Oregon.

My friend and learning tutor, Cameron suggested a great book to me, and we have been reading it together. It is called The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch, a science professor at Carnegie Mellon, a husband and father of three young children. It is about his experience of receiving the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, and how that affected his work, and life. He decided to write an informational and historic speech that looked at his life, leaving a legacy to all, especially his family.

I am continuing to work with my other learning tutor, Bert for an hour each week. He estimates that I am doing "high school junior level work". I have been reading through essays and correcting the errors in them; usually 10-15 incorrectly spelled words, punctuation, quotation placement and grammar. My editing and writing skills continue to develop.

Lately I have two ambitions: thoughts of becoming a writer of children's books, possibly some inspiring, uplifting stories for all ages, and the 'Time with Tudor' idea still appeals to me. . .More later about these endeavors!

Thank you, to everyone who has made a purchase of Mrs. Greenbalm and if you are thinking of getting some, please go for it.....either at San Mateo Whole Foods if you live in that area or on-line at www.mrsgreenbalm.com. It's great for gardening hands, blisters, healing bug bites, wrinkles, and more, not to mention, your fancy new tattoo!

Quote from The Last Lecture:
"We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand."
-Randy Pausch

April 2008
Hello everyone ~ it's Springtime ~ HALLELUIAH!
I realize it has been a long time since I've written a web-site entry, so I'll bring you up to date.

I dedicate this entry to my Grandmother, Ann Schneider, who has been my bright shining light and biggest cheerleader for the last nine years. She passed away on January 10th, 2008 after surviving major heart surgery. She is now living in the eternal light.

She believed in me, encouraged me, supported me, and she was certain of my recovery from my "Traumatic Brain Injury".
As I move forward during my busy days, I can still feel her love and guidance coming through.

Our weekly schedule for 2008 keeps us busy. Mom and I go to "Juniper Fitness Center" four mornings each week. Mondays and Fridays I follow a pool workout set up by my St. Charles Physical Therapist and a Juniper Pool Personal Trainer. While I cannot swim yet, I am strengthening my leg muscles and going through the motions of running with an aqua belt on.

Tuesday mornings we are taking a sitting yoga class to increase my range of motion and flexibility, especially around my rib cage. Wednesdays we go to the weightroom, where I follow a routine coordinated by the P.T.s. After six months of these visits, my coach at Acrovision Sports Center is blown away at my improvements; I can perform a 40 foot 'Speed Walk' in 8.5 seconds; I run more steps on the Tumble Tramp (about 5-6 at a time) and my agility trials are getting easier. On Wednesday afternoons I meet with an Adult Education Volunteer from the Community College and we read books and interesting magazine articles, and then discuss what we read. This improves my comprehension. She introduced me to the magazine ODE, which has brief, interesting articles about different topics all around the world. This is perfect for challenging my reading comprehension and general understanding of the various topic. On Thursdays I work with a private tutor to sharpen my writing skills with language drills, and we finish with a mentally stimulating game of "Sudoko".

Dr. David Stewart and all of my teachers/trainers are thrilled with my continuous improvements.

Former President Bill Clinton visited Bend just last week to give a speech supporting Hillary's Presidential Plan. Mom and I watched his speech on TV, which was a great way to sit in the front row and really hear what he had to say and discuss his message.

The 2008 season of 5K walks and runs is underway in Bend and I am expecting to improve my walking time even more this year. My best time last year was 1 hour 11 minutes and I finished my first walk of this season in 1:10....YES!

More news in my next report about my petite position with Mrs. Greenbalm and my volunteer work with the neighborhood elementary school.

Thank you for your prayers and positive thoughts for my reconnecting brain development! Please keep them coming and know that you are a connective piece in the process that is helping to create PEACE ON EARTH!

-Sai Maa

November 2006
IM000321.jpg - 29536 Bytes On the 24th of September I turned thirty four years old and this new year of my life is full of fun, learning new mental and physical skills, and deepening my spiritual purpose. I am taking the "Minister Training Course" at my Church for the third year and this class has taught me to feel even more proud and pleased with myself. Although my Mother leads me to "the light" day after day, it's nice to join 80 other adults that are also pursuing the path that Jesus has laid out for each of us. It is through our similarities that I feel drawn to care for and comfort others and yet as I continue to discover our uniqueness I am even more mystified by our glorious God.

I am still following my rewarding routines of two sessions per week at each location: Acrovision Sports Center, Terpsichorean Dance Studio, Kumon Math and Reading school, and I'm a teacher's aide once again at Highland School, the elementary school next-door to my house. I am learning to follow a work routine for Mrs. Greenbalm one day per week and I have a sample company that I can use to get practice on. My schedule is full and I am continuously improving on my speed as I walk, my comprehension, my flexibility, and my brain/muscle communication. In ballet I can direct my right toe down to touch the floor in a pointed position and it will happen, at a slower pace, sometimes with a jerk, but it is occurring. At Acrovision my 40 foot speed walk is down to 4.5 seconds, I can jog continuously on the "Tumble Tramp" and I can walk horizontally on a line for 43 steps. I've also been in "the pit" which is a floor zone filled up with gooey balls that is simply room to play in. This is a first to trust that I can manage myself in that space. My school work at Kumon Math and Reading is going along great and I am up to junior level math skills and sophomore English. Unfortunately they are going out of business next month in December so that therapy will end.

During the summer I participated in an 8 week series of physical and mobility lessons at St. Charles Medical Center. The physical therapist that I was graciously matched with immediately recognized my learning style and I worked very productively under his care. I gained more balance memory using their high-tech "LiteGait" contraption and I speed-walked 40 feet further in 8 minutes compared to my previous test.

The "Dial-a-Ride" bus line that I take to my therapies expanded to become a public bus line for the Bend population and it's called "Bend Area Transit". Although I still get my door to door service the rate went up...as the gas prices are still escalating higher and higher these days.

I signed up for my fourth timed walk race event, the "Jingle Bell Walk" which takes place on December 9, 2006. I know my time will improve from last year's record because I am more confident and talented with my walking skills these days, although I still need to hold onto Mom's arm for balance support.

I will be officially employed by Mrs. Greenbalm on 12/12/06, my 8 year anniversary of recovery. I will work a part-time schedule (4 hours per week) and still continue with my therapies.
So, celebrate with me by placing an order for a large jar or a small jar. It is a very helpful way to continue your paricipation in the next level of my healing process. A jar of Mrs. Greenbalm Healing Salve/Organic Tattoo Aftercare is good for any cut or scrape you might incur, plus for use after gardening or for dry winter cracks, healing incisions, burns or blisters. Tell Santa it fits perfectly into stockings and be sure to have some handy for 2007!
Go now to the website WWW.MRSGREENBALM.COM and order some today!

Hebrews 12:1-2 Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for
us. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our
faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its
shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.

May/June 2006
May was a memorable month for me for several reasons. I completed two 5K Benefit walks, received awards from the Kumon Center and graduated from the Westside Church "Minister Training Intensive" course.

The 5K walk was definitely a personal best for me. I have never walked that far before, but I felt ready to leap forward mentally and achieve new goals. I asked Mom if she was available to walk with me and offer herself for physical support to hold on to and she said she was, so I sent in the entry form and began my training. I took long walks in the nearby park, always timing myself with my pedometer, and kept a positive, jovial attitude telling myself I would do it successfully. My physical therapist at St.Charles asked me what my goal was and I answered him saying "I want to finish it!" and I was the last person to finish, but I achieved my goal. I walked a little over 3 miles in 101 minutes and I know my finishing times will become better from now on!

"From now on?" you're saying? Yes, I feel excited to begin walking public distance walks. They are both for a good cause and it's fun to participate and connect with other local athletes. I had such a nice time I entered another 5K walk this month. It is called "Hit the Trail" and in hindsight, after completing the walk I know what "hitting the trail" means, literally. To my surprise, the 5K walk covered paths on rocky, hilly, and uneven surfaces. I did it though, holding on to Mom's hip bag once again. My time was a little longer, but I know that this is more of a real life walking example and I'm glad I did it.

The Kumon School graduation ceremonies were held at the newly refurbished downtown Tower theatre. This gave the students the opportunity to walk across a stage to receive their trophies, pins, and ribbons from the Director. They set it up so that the younger students went first and I was last because I'm one of the oldest students at that school. When I was honored to receive a math and reading trophy I did a ballet curtsey before the crowd, because I'm enjoying taking advantage of the different skills and lessons I receive at my different therapies. This gave me the opportunity to bring a ballet move to my school. It was quite a treat to see so many children enjoy being recognized for their academic achievements.

The following day at my Church was the graduation for the year long class that I've been taking called "Minister Training Intensive." There were approximately 125 of us adults that were given a diploma and we each received a prophetic ministry message from several prophets. I am called to be a healer of sorts and have some travels in my future. I agreed somewhat and definitely recognize that Jesus always knows all things at all times and so I will continue with this healing mission I'm on now and it will be complete someday sooner than later. I mentioned to the director that I would love to be an apprentice next year in the course and he said "OK, sounds good" so we'll see.

For the month of June I am participating in a special Physical Therapy program twice each week for an hour at St. Charles Hospital. I am using some equipment that I've used twice before, the BALANCE MASTER and the LITE GAIT. These contraptions were created to assist space travelers with a harnessing system. The idea is that when I am buckled into the harness, my fear of falling will disappear and I'll be able to run at a high speed when I'm on the treadmill. That hasn't happened yet, but I feel confident it will happen soon.

For surely, O Lord, you bless the righteous; you surround them with your favor as with a shield.
Psalm 5:12

"It is crucial that we see ourselves as God sees us, since we will never rise above the image we have of ourselves. If we see ourselves as barely making it, always having problems, never happy, we will subconsciously move toward that sort of life. To move forward in life, we must change our focus. We must believe. Understand this: God will help you, but you cast the deciding vote."
-Joel Osteen

March 2006
March weather in Bend, Oregon was colder than normal this year and I enjoyed the experience, but now I'm really looking forward to the arrival of Summer. In addition to my ongoing classes at Kumon, Acrovision and ballet, I am continuing to work on learning basic bookkeeping skills for our business, selling Mrs. Greenbalm as the finest in tattoo aftercare.

Mom recently went to a Tattoo Convention in Reno, NV to hand out samples of Mrs. Greenbalm, become familiar with the body art industry, meet some artists, and learn some lingo. She came home with only one tattoo, and it was a temporary one! The tattoo and piercing industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. College age students represent the largest market. While there are a few "natural" aftercare products available, Mrs. Greenbalm is the ONLY organic tattoo aftercare product in the American market. In addition to learning Quick Books for bookkeeping I will be in charge of taking orders from the internet.

Check out our website: www.mrsgreenbalm.com. Mom will hire me when I am competent with all aspects of bookkeeping.

I have been meeting weekly with a small women's group at my house and we are reading a book by John ans Stasi Eldredge called Captivating. It is encouraging us as young women to be empowered and radiant as God intends. As a woman I am learning about the power of intention to heal myself, to nourish others, to inspire and provide comfort, and to adore my body because "a woman's body is one of the most beautiful of all God's creations."

The book reminds us that true BEAUTY is on the inside ...
"Your beauty should not come from the outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes. Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit." (1 Peter 3 :3-4)

My Bichon dog, Lily turned two on March 11, 2006 and she is still some work but she is becoming a loyal and obedient friend. I am still memorizing the proper commands so that Lily gives us the results we desire.

I am wishing you a season of resurrection, renewal, and an abundant bloom of new life. Please see me walking in grace and beauty with clear recall.

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."
John 3:16

January 2006
Last year, 2005, was full of development, good changes, fun, and learning and I hope you are saying “Me too” because in my opinion, that’s what life is all about. I exercised my choice-making ability to stay joyful, positive, hopeful and happy and recognized the benefits and beauty in every situation. I know that it is possible to see “the light” at all times because Mom and I mirror each other as we live our lives and this allows us to shine in life.

Last January, Dad replaced my old Palm Pilot with a top-model Tungsten and this allowed me to track, record, and use information in my daily life, such as appointments to attend, the location, and a personal address book. This is an essential piece of equipment for me as my brain heals to hold information on its own.

A blessing I received last year was the invitation to take the Minister Training Course again through Westside Church, which I graciously accepted, because I know that repetition builds strong memory. This year I am focusing on memorizing key Bible verses (like John 3:16) and understanding the organization of the Bible.

I continue to attend Terpsichorean Ballet Studio, Acrovision Sports Center, Kumon Math and Reading twice each week and I also volunteer one day a week at the elementary school near my house. In other words, my life is very full and ‘HALLELUIAH' I am constantly making mental, physical and spiritual progress. Please pray for my long and short term memory to be restored to perfection.

Summer time was filled with visits at St. Charles Medical Center and Vocational Rehabilitation. The Vocational Rehabilitation office gave me a software disc called "Brain Train" and I go for a 'mental ride' each evening. It gives math and English drills that I am gradually improving on in speed and accuracy. I am currently reading at the level of a 9th grader and my math problems are also in early high school; decimals, fractions, positive and negative numbers. Some improvement in physical development came about through my 10 week session at St. Charles Medical Center. I visited twice each week for an hour session working specifically on balance, body weight positioning, and general movement methods.

Some other big news for 2005 was my Lasik Eye Surgery in April. I had wanted this procedure for three years and I kept hearing from others about how wonderful the results were for them. After having the surgery I feel like a whole new woman and I am free from the bother of needing contacts or glasses. I am experiencing a new dimension of balance and I delight in seeing the stars and moon at night.

I continue to receive financial, emotional, and spiritual support from loving family members, particularly Granny and Mom, and I am so thankful for them. Also, my sincere thanks go to other generous relatives, friends, supporters and ongoing contributors to my life and wellness. We appreciate and gratefully welcome your contributions in the New Year.

As a triumphant finish to 2005 I appeared in a large color photo on the front page of our local newspaper, The Bulletin. The article discussed a mile long walk for charity that I did with Mom and it mentioned the seven year anniversary of my recovery process.

Following is an excerpt from the Bulletin article and a quote from my Acrovision coach.

From The Bulletin

"She has regained the balance and coordination needed to walk the 1-mile route, and walks unaided, albeit slowly. During the race, her mother will be there every step of the way, just as she has been for the past seven years. When she spotted the brochure for the Jingle Bell Run she said 'It seemed like an invitation that was jumping out at me' so she took it home to see if Mom thought it's OK too. She has raised $200 from sponsors on top of her entry fee. 'I really have a feeling, with all that I've received in these seven years, it's a way of expressing my gratitude,' she said. 'Not in any specific way, but as a citizen helping out other citizens.' "

Coach Rich at Acrovision:

"Tudor finished another enlightening year here at Acrovision. Everyday she seemed to bring the sunshine in with her. Her optimistic lifestyle has provided her with a tool of empowerment over odds that were told to be against her. Over the course of this past year Tudor has shown great improvement in speed, strength and overall balance and coordination. I truly look forward to what 2006 has in store for her! Keep up the great work Tudor!"

October/November 2005
On the 24th of September I celebrated my 33rd birthday with a day of beauty treatments. A friend and I had a complete facial makeover and new hairstyle at a salon. With our glamorous looks, we proceeded to The Mongolian Grill restaurant to enjoy lunch with several other friends. It has been my wish to have friends to do things with and my prayers were answered. Later in the evening I enjoyed a special birthday dinner, delicious birthday cake and ice cream with my Grandmother and family.

During the summertime I completed an 8 week physical therapy program at St. Charles Medical Center working with the "Balance Master" machine. I had 2 sessions a week and at the end I was re-tested and scored 80-100 % in each area, which means my balance is within the "normal" range now. I still have plenty of room for improvement when it comes to my gait and walking style. With better balance, this will now be easier to accomplish. I was happy to get these results and I am trusting that improved skill levels are within me as I move forward in life.

And speaking of moving forward, I ride my three-wheel bicycle to ballet, to Kumon school and around town on certain routes that I've memorized. While I still check in with Mom on my cell phone when I reach my destination, I feel more independent. This school year I am continuing to walk a block to the elementary school, where I am a teacher's aide again for 2nd/3rd graders. I have also been walking downtown and two days before my birthday I walked home from my hair salon, which is about 3/4 of a mile. It felt GREAT! I consider this a major step towards entering into a new level of activities, after so many lessons and so much training- THANK YOU GOD!"

The other BIG news is that I have started Vocational Rehabilitation, a state and federal program that will prepare me to have a job. I am training in "Quick Books" to become a bookkeeper on my new laptop computer. This is very exciting, another step towards independent living.

IN MEMORIAM Greg Freeman, Aunt Tudor's husband and my former website manager, passed away on August 31, 2005, his 59th birthday. I am so grateful for all the time he donated to publish my website and keep you all informed of my progress for over 6 years. Thank you Greg!

August 2005
I successfully completed a 6 week session of 2 visits per week at St. Charles Medical Center. In my last visit the therapist said "Congratulations Tudor, you have exceeded my expectations!" I did a timed walk in the hallway that was 6 minutes long, and I walked 1280 feet.

My vocational rehabilitation sessions are going very well and I am working on the "Brain Train", which is a computerized learning device. I'll "board" the train 2 times each week for an hour lesson. Also, I'll receive some private instruction at my house twice a week for an hour each time. This will allow me to have a personal lesson at my own pace.

Our annual August family reunion in Bend was filled with some important milestones for me this year. I was able to visually recognize everyone and remember names and I felt mentally strong enough to keep my attention focused for the evening events. I maintained my regular daily schedule for studying and physical therapy and joined the family for dinner to hear about everyone's adventures of the day.

At one family dinner party we had a karaoke contest with 10 competitors. Low and behold, I WON!! I felt so proud and satisfied that I was able to stand up, sing the song "LOVE" by Ella Fitzgerald, and dedicate the song to my Uncle Greg.

Greg has stomach cancer and I ask you all to put him in your prayers to have some comfort and peace of mind for Aunt Tudor, his family, and everyone that loves him so much.

I am eternally grateful for his generosity as web master for my site. He deserves special recognition from all of us on 'Team Tudor'.

May/June 2005
junr.jpg - 22061 Bytes In May I had Lasik eye surgery and it went very well. The procedure took just a few minutes and the healing went smoothly. It feels so great to see things all day long on my own, and to wake up at night and clearly see the stars and planets in our universe. Enclosed is a photo of my eye surgeon with me after my 20/20 vision checkup.

Three years ago I placed the words "20/20 eyesight" on a treasure map that I made in a "Golden Bridge" workshop and now that day has come~ Halleluiah!!

I had my bi-annual check up with Dr. Stewart last month and it went very well. I asked him how my walking style looked and he said he can see some improvements. He noted that there is still a little too wide of a gait when I walk, but it's getting better each time he sees me. I'll be working on that during my physical therapy treatments during the months to come.

june26.jpg - 23831 Bytes Last month I successfully graduated from the "Minister Training Course" at our church. I was in a large class with many people who celebrated with a final ceremony. A week afterwards we received some prophetic ministry words. It was seen that I would lead some family members to Christ, make a full recovery and be an inspirational speaker before large audiences. More than ever I know that God's grace is continually blessing me as I live a full life.

Mom and I will go into business together soon producing the herbal salve, "Mrs. Greenbalm". I will begin learning some bookkeeping skills through vocational rehabilitation. This will teach me the ability to process orders, keep a precise record of our inventory, and work with numbers.

I know that my life is enriched by God's guidance. Please keep saying prayers for me and now that I am an 'Ambassador of Christ Minister', please feel free to contact me with your prayer requests.

Daily Word

April/May 2005
Hello to all! Springtime has been full of once-in-a lifetime events for me. Grandma Gilmour, bless her heart, went to live in Heaven on Easter Sunday 2005. Her life was full of love, good times, and devotion to God. Her funeral was in Lafayette, California and I flew down to attend it.

During the church service the preacher asked us to share something about her life. I stood up and shared how she wrote me several letters each week that spoke of my Gilmour family, her feelings in life, and God's eternal love. Her letters were a large part of my developing a sense of belonging and gaining some family connection. I felt confident and thankful that I had the opportunity to publicly share my love and thanks for her. Glory to you Grandma Gilmour!

In April Mom traveled down to Pasadena, CA for her 40th high school reunion (yes, I said 40th, isn't she a sparkling beauty?). While she was out of town my sister Hillary and her 10 month old baby Henry came to stay with me. It was so enjoyable to spend several days living together. Hillary loves being a Mom and that was so apparent when I saw her with Henry, communicating to each other and sending love back and forth.

On May 17th I will receive Lasik eye surgery to permanently correct my vision, so my days wearing glasses will end. One of my own doctors has had this surgery and says it will be a powerful, positive change and very liberating. This visual adjustment will enable me to feel complete and whole on my own. Those of you that wear contacts or glasses can relate to this fact and can imagine how much of a change this will be.

"I have a divine mission! God has created me with everything I need so that I can fulfill a unique and important role in the world."
Daily Word

March 2005
Springtime joy is here in Bend...fresh start energy is in the air! There are subtle suggestions of spring in the High Desert; flocking birds in the blue sky, crocuses are blooming, and Spring Break for students is next week. I love the new beginnings all around me.

I made a decision last month to have my vision surgically corrected and so I've been wearing my glasses to let my pupils stabilize, as the doctors recommend. I've wanted this surgery for three years and I always hear people say after having the Laser procedure that they are so glad that they did it. I've been wearing glasses since 2nd grade and I'm legally blind without my glasses. I have been saving money since 2002 for this surgery and I am eligible for the payment plan they offer.

My physical progress is continuing at Acrovision and I'm able to take bike rides often. I know that I'll be making some schedule changes this summer, when school ends, and in the meantime I'll do my best to keep gaining more balance and coordination and giving much praise to the Lord, which revitalizes me.

Every other week I am now seeing a therapist who specializes in "Biofeedback". She has a computerized device that assists me to form new connections in my brain and body. She can enter my goals and desired outcome into the computer and it can track through my body to help me eliminate barriers and blocks. I feel as though this will take me into a new season of wellness, which is my Easter blessing to all!

"Following God's plan of abundance for me, I achieve my goals and dreams." Daily Word

January / February 2005
At the Kumon Math and Reading School I attend, an award ceremony was held last month. It was such a grand experience to be named as a successful student who is making great progress in both math and reading. I received two medals and a trophy for my accomplishments in both subjects and I will continue to advance there in my studies this year.

Westside Church has been presenting a great topic for several weeks now and I am really enjoying it. It is called "The Possibles". We have been reminded about all of the opportunities and avenues God has in store for each one of us. I have loved this series because I can relate to it extraordinarily well and it gives me a powerful reminder that I am exactly in the right place at the right time because I'm in line with Him. And it means so much to me to hear Pastor Ken say, "I become better when I see the better in others because that's what God sees" and "Thank you God for starting a miracle in me!"

I feel as though my physical and mental progress is coming along steadily, but the other day I had a "melt-down". I was tired of everyday things, like walking and talking comprehensively, which seemed to be SO much work to complete successfully. My wonderful Mother reminded me that I need to take time to sit back, relax, and reflect on my achievements and know that God sees the perfection that is inside of me, under the outer condition. This was a great reminder that instantly picked me up.

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to everyone!!!

Inspirations from the Daily Word:
"Created to love, I share the God within me."
"I believe in the infinite possibilities of God's creativity."

December 2004
I spent Thanksgiving Holiday with the Gilmours in Southern California. About thirty relatives enjoyed a succulent spread of the traditional dishes at my Aunt's house. I especially enjoyed seeing my nieces and nephew, they are looking so happy and healthy. Back in Northern California I had the chance to shop for specialty items at Paradise Foods, before I flew home.

My six year anniversary of new life occurred on December 12 of this year, which was a Sunday. That afternoon I starred in the Acrovision Holiday Show and my coach showed the audience a video tape of me in the shows in 2001, 2002, and 2003. My 2004 performance was a huge success; as the crowd cheered me on, I reduced my obstacle coarse time by 1 minute. My improvement was obvious to all and Coach Rich has done a wonderful job of recording my progress.

After the show I attended my youth group at Central Oregon Community College where I had an important, meaningful experience. The leader handed me a form that listed the small group leaders and people in charge of different duties. I was assigned to be the greeter and room organizer for the coming year. This gives me a sense of purpose and belonging within the group, and a wonderful way to enhance my social skills. I'm excited to be a part of a peer group of active Christians.

During this Christmas vacation I went caroling with my youth group at our local community college. We sang dozens of our favorite songs and distributed candy canes to the dorm residents. Singing really put me in the spirit to celebrate the birth of our Lord. For Christmas I received many beautiful gifts including some technology upgrades for my planning systems. The instruction manuals read like a foreign language so I have lots of homework ahead.

"Following in the footsteps of Jesus, I enrich my own life and I inspire others." Daily Word